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Can You Spare 8 Hours a Week? Here’s How to Earn $200 a Week Growing Flowers for Profit

Many people grow flowers as a hobby, but most people don’t know you can actually make great money growing flowers. But wouldn’t that be a big time commitment with low profits? Not at all. In fact, if you can spare 8 hours a week, you can earn $200 … [Read more...]

How to Start Your Own Bamboo Nursery

Bamboo is one of the most widely-used plants in the world. Over half the population uses it in one way or another. There simply is a high demand for quality bamboo. Looking to make some extra cash or start a new career? Then you should consider … [Read more...]

Starting a Herb Business in 6 Easy Steps

Starting a herb growing business is really quite easy, not to mention fun and best of all, profitable. In fact you can be on your way to success in the herbal business in six easy steps. Follow these steps to growing for profit, and you'll have herb … [Read more...]

Growing Exotic Mushrooms for Profit

The popularity of exotic mushrooms is continuing to climb. Over one and a half million pounds of exotic mushrooms were grown last year. Oyster mushrooms are one of the easiest exotic mushrooms to grow, and can produce a tidy profit in a small space. … [Read more...]

Can You Spare 10 Hours a Week? Here’s How to Earn Extra Income Farming Garlic

Would you like to make some extra money in your backyard nursery? Well, have you ever thought about growing garlic? According to the Fresh Garlic Association, garlic is the second most-used spice in the entire world just behind pepper. Someone has to … [Read more...]

3 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a Herb Business

There are several questions you want answered before you start your herb growing business. A smart business plan will help you succeed in the herbal business. Do some thinking before you plunge right in. Here are some questions to ask: 1.What … [Read more...]

Got a Green Thumb? How About Growing For Profit – With a Backyard Plant Nursery

Many people love to spend time in their garden. The skills and enjoyment they can gain are second to none. But many don’t know you can actually make good money in your garden. Here’s how: Plants, flowers, trees and shrubs are everywhere. Look out … [Read more...]

Profitable Herb Growing Secrets

If you are like many herb growers, you’ve grown herbs for your own use and to share with others for a while. If you’re ready to make some money with a herbal business, here are a few secrets to get you started growing for profit. Tip #1 – Size … [Read more...]

Medicinal Herbs – A Recession-Proof Herbal Business

The recession has hit everyone hard. Still, people want to live a healthy life. People are more concerned with being green, being resourceful, and using natural products than ever before. This is where medicinal herbs can help, as a way to live a … [Read more...]