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36 More Ways To Earn An Independent Income

You’ve probably found this web site because you are looking for ideas about earning extra income or starting a home-based business. Starting a business growing profitable plants may be just the right opportunity for you. After all, it’s easy to … [Read more...]

Profits In Natural Fertilizers

Would you pay $21.95 for a box of tea bags filled with dried cow manure? Lots of people do, according to Annie Haven, who grew up on her family’s cattle ranch in California. As the housing subdivisions replaced cattle ranches and farms in her area, … [Read more...]

Become a Plant Expert for Free Publicity

  One of the best ways to market your plant growing business is with free publicity, which can bring new customers without having to spend money on expensive advertising. One way to do this is to become known as an expert in your field, … [Read more...]

Grow Gourmet Ethnic Herbs For Flavorful Profits

  Culinary herbs are more popular than ever with both commercial growers and consumers. Their low cost makes them a great “impulse” purchases for shoppers and most are very easy and quick to grow. Living trends are part of the reason for … [Read more...]

Success Made Simple For Market Growers

  Most Amish live without electricity or phones, and get around with a horse and buggy. Hardly a recipe for business success in today’s fast-paced, internet-connected world, you might think at first glance. Yet the U.S. Small Business … [Read more...]