4 Ways to Profit With a Bamboo Business

Profitable Bamboo Products - Garden Art

Profitable bamboo products – garden art

There are many plants out there that you can grow for profit. One of the plants you should really consider growing is bamboo. Over half the world’s population depends on it in one way or another. Not only is bamboo the fastest-growing plant, it is also extremely tough. A grove of bamboo that was located at ground zero in Hiroshima actually survived the atomic blast and sprouted new shoots the very next day!

Bamboo has many uses too. It is often used as a ground cover, a specimen plant, a hedge, a shade plant, concrete reinforcing, water pipes, fencing, and much, much more. That’s why it’s a cash crop just waiting to be grown.

So how can you make a big profit with a bamboo nursery? How can you turn your backyard nursery into a center of profitable plants? Easy. Here are four ways you can make big profits with a bamboo business:

1. Direct Retail Sales

If your town allows it, you should consider selling bamboo for landscaping directly to the public. This lets you get to know customers in your area, and build customer loyalty. Plus, unlike wholesale, you get paid right away. It simply can produce the biggest profits for you. Keep your bamboo organized by price. Also, be sure to put out a sign-up sheet so your customers can stay in the know about upcoming sales and whatever else might be going on with your bamboo nursery.

2. Bamboo Products

Here’s your chance to get creative. Instead of simply selling bamboo, sell bamboo products. During the winter time, the plants will become dormant. That doesn’t mean you can’t still sell some great products. Bamboo poles can be harvested, and then turned into a variety of products, such as privacy screens, garden art, water pipes, fencing, vases and parrot stands. You could also consider putting on a workshop to share your knowledge of bamboo plants with other people. Teach people how to landscape with bamboo, and other decorative uses.

3. Landscapers

You can make great profits selling directly to landscapers. They have to get their bamboo from somewhere, so why not your backyard nursery? Landscapers and commercial gardeners often buy their plants in large quantities, and when they find a business they like, they’ll continue to buy more and more plants. Find out what they’re looking for, and if you can grow healthy plants at a reasonable price, then you could see a lot of business. Put together a flyer showcasing what you have to offer, and start passing it out.

4. Garden Centers

Like landscapers and commercial gardeners, garden centers have to get their plants from somewhere, so why not you? Visit your local garden center and see what bamboo plants they’re stocking and selling. What are their prices? Talk to them and find out what they’re looking for. Again, if you can offer just what they need at reasonable prices, then you could see a lot of repeat business. Here’s a tip to get you ahead, try to sell to them in the off-season when the buyers will have more time to listen to you.

These are four of the ways you can make big profits growing bamboo. Sell directly to the public, make bamboo products, sell to landscapers and commercial gardeners and finally, consider selling to garden centers. Soon you could be making the profits you’ve always dreamed of. To learn more, read Golden Harvest.

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