6 Insider Secrets to a Successful Garlic Business

Growing for profit with fresh garlic

Growing for profit with fresh garlic

You’d like your garlic business to be the top one around, to be the one everyone turns to for their garlic needs. So how can you do that? How can you create the business you’ve always wanted? Here are six insider secrets to a successful garlic business.

1. Grow hardneck garlic

There are two types of garlic: softneck and hardneck. Softneck is what you’ll find in most supermarkets. It produces smaller cloves than hardneck. Hardneck garlic also has more flavor. So which should you focus on? Hardneck. In particular, there are three types of hardneck: Rocambole, Purplestripe and Continental.

2. Only use organic products

The demand for organic plants is continuing to grow as more and more people want to live a healthier lifestyle. As a garlic grower, grow your garlic organically. Only use organic fertilizers and pest controls. You’ll see better results and better sales. This will help your plants grow big and strong at the right rate.

3. Have well-drained soil

Garlic needs a well-drained soil to grow correctly. Waterlogged soil reduces yields due to the lack of oxygen. If you have a poorly-drained area, consider growing your garlic in a raised bed, or drain your soil with drainage tiles. Watering is important, but remember that too much water right before the harvest can lead to disease problems.

4. Fertilization

To get the right level of fertilization use an organic fertilizer that is high in phosphorus and low in nitrogen to produce a healthy root system rather than leafy top growth. Rotating a cover crop, such as buckwheat, can reduce fertilizer requirements, in addition to building humus levels and general soil fertility.

5. Plant in the fall

For the best success, start planting your garlic in the fall before the first frost, and then harvest in the early part of summer the next year. Planting seed cloves in the fall helps the garlic plant to develop a healthy root system. Try to plant them about six weeks before the ground normally freezes, if it does in your area. Be careful though, planting too early could lead to disease and pest problems.

6. Fight pests

You certainly don’t want any disease and pest problems to hurt your profitable plants. If this happens, there are many ways you can fight these problems. For example, use a predatory nematode, which will seek out and destroy onion maggots, while being completely harmless to you, your plants, beneficial insects and worms. Or maybe try Green Lacewing, which destroy mites, thrips, caterpillar eggs, aphids and several other pests. If your garlic isn’t healthy, then it won’t sell.

Follow these six insider secrets, and you too can soon have a successful garlic-growing business. Garlic gardening can lead to profitable plants in no time. Follow this advice, and you’ll be able to grow the plants you’ve always wanted. To learn more, read Golden Harvest.

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