Become a Plant Expert for Free Publicity


Are You an Expert?

Are You an Expert?

One of the best ways to market your plant growing business is with free publicity, which can bring new customers without having to spend money on expensive advertising. One way to do this is to become known as an expert in your field, which can bring free exposure in local, regional, even national media such as newspapers and magazines.
How does one become an expert? Better still, how does one get expert status in a short time? These days, being an expert simply means that someone knows more about a topic than most, and shares their knowledge. Here are some ideas:

  • Most growers love their work, and are passionate about the plants they grow. Enjoying a topic makes it easier to learn more about it, whether it’s growing herbs or bonsai. if you have that enthusiasm, it will be much easier to spend time learning about your gardening passion, and soon, you’ll know more than most, which makes you a candidate for “expert” status.
  • Now it’s time to share your knowledge with others, by writing or talking about your subject. Most growers have a website for their business, and it’s easy to begin blogging about your favorite plants with regular posts on your blog. When writing a blog post or an article for the local newspaper, keep it simple and provide useful information for your readers. Your goal is to become the “go-to” person on your topic.
  • Talking about your chosen topic also helps you build your reputation as an expert. Start with local groups like garden clubs and service groups such as Kiwanis or Rotary, who are always looking for interesting speakers. If you’re not comfortable talking to groups, join your local Toastmasters, where you can practice among friends until you’re ready to hit the big time.
  • As your reputation as an expert grows, opportunities will come to you that can help further enhance your expert status. You may be asked to give a talk, be interviewed or guest post on other blogs. Take advantage of these opportunities to put your name out there as an authority on your chosen topic.

If you have a passion for your topic and are willing to take the time to share your knowledge with others, you too can become an expert in very little time. The secret is growing your knowledge and sharing it with others at every opportunity that presents itself. The payoff for you will be regular free publicity about your business, combined with the trust that comes from being a recognized expert. When it’s time to choose a bonsai tree, herb, or Japanese maple, or whatever you grow, customers will choose the expert over an unknown every time.

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