Can You Really Make $36,000 a Year With a Herb Business?

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Potted Culinary Herbs For Sale

The herb business can be a profitable one. With a little hard work, tender care, and some smart decisions, you could be on your way to making a nice income, either part-time or full-time.

When planning your herb business, think about what herbs you want to offer. Don’t offer too many or you’ll be overwhelmed trying to take care of them all. Instead, focus on a few. Find your niche and which ones you think will help you gain the profits you want. There are many profitable herbs to choose from. Do you want to specialize in culinary herbs, such as basil, chives, or rosemary? Or maybe you’d like to grow medicinal herbs, such as St John’s wort, chamomile, or marshmallow. You don’t have to stick to just one of those groups, but do try to keep a focus, while still feeling free to experiment. You’re hoping your herb business gets you a reputation as “that great lavender grower” or “he always has excellent rosemary.”

Next, consider using larger pots. 3 or 4-inch pots will work, but you’ll sell more and have better plants if you use a larger, 6-inch pot. Plus, a larger pot will give the plant room for a larger and healthier root system.

After your plants have grown, you’re ready to begin selling and making those profits. Perhaps your town will allow you to sell right out of your backyard. This is more profitable than selling your plants wholesale. If that’s not allowed, try a garage sale, which most towns allow, and sell your plants that way. Remember to advertise that you’re only selling herbs so people don’t show up hoping to find Barbie dolls and old records. Church fundraisers or charities are another good way to sell your plants. People are often willing to pay more if they know part of the profits go to a good cause. And don’t forget your local farmer’s market. These can be a great way to sell your plants and open yourself up to a large number of customers.

So how do you get customers? Well first of all, sell a good product! If word gets around that you’re selling top-notch herbs, people will keep coming back for more. Also, get creative, by using herb combinations, like a “Tuscany blend” of cooking herbs. Teach classes to get people interested in herbs and what you have to offer. And most importantly, build strong relationships with your customers. Building personal relationships will make them want to buy from you over and over again and refer you to their friends. Keep track of your successes and shortcomings as a person in the herb business. Are a lot of people buying chamomile, but not buying rosemary? Consider offering more chamomile and stop growing rosemary or try other rosemary varieties.

Making smart, informed choices will get you on your way to starting a profitable business. It can take a while to learn what works best, but soon enough you can be on your way to earning $36,000 a year or more in the profitable herb growing business. To learn more, read Growing Herbs For Profit.