Five Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a Backyard Plant Nursery

Profitable Potted Shrubs in a Backyard Nursery

Profitable Potted Shrubs in a Backyard Nursery

Starting a backyard plant nursery is a great way to turn your garden into a center of profitable plants. It’s not too difficult either. But still, there are some questions you need to answer before you begin. Here are five:

1. What type of nursery

Before you start, you need to decide what type of nursery you’d like to have – retail or wholesale. It determines the size, quantity and type of plants you grow. Your decision could be based on where you live. Do you live in a rural area? Does your town allow retail sales out of your backyard nursery?

2. What is the land like?

You can’t grow a successful backyard nursery just anywhere. You need to do some research about the land where you want to grow your plants. Have pesticides and toxic chemicals contaminated the land before? What is the drainage situation like? If your nursery is on a slight slope, that’ll help improve drainage. Is there a threat of floods? Just do some research and make sure your land is ready to grow healthy plants. Hopefully it is!

3. What plants would you like to grow?

Along with deciding what type of nursery you’d like to grow, you need to decide what plants you’d like to grow too. Visit your local retail nursery or gardening center and see just what the top sellers are. What do they keep a high amount of in stock? If you can find out what your town loves to purchase, you’ll have a more profitable garden. Maybe you’d like to try ornamental grasses, trees, shrubs or groundcovers. Do some thinking, and you’ll find the ones that work best for you.

4. Do you have enough space?

You’ll need to grow a high number of plants to make a big profit. So, do you have enough space for that? If you choose to do container growing, most will fall under one-gallon, two-gallon, five-gallon, and fifteen-gallon pot sizes. Do you have room for that? For example, if you grow only one-gallon pot sizes, you’ll be able to fit 3,000 into a 1,000 square foot area. If you choose to grow solely fifteen-gallon pot sizes, you can fit 400 into a 1,000 square foot area.

5. Do you have access to water?

Your plants will need a lot of water to grow up healthy and strong. Do you have access to a high amount of water? An on-site pond can be a good source. So can a well. You also want to make sure your water is good. Most nursery experts agree that “total soluble salts” should not be higher than 500 ppm. If your water is less than 200 ppm, then your water has the best amount. A local extension agent or soil conservation service office can help you find a testing laboratory that can find out if your water is healthy enough for a nursery.

These are five questions you must ask before starting a backyard plant nursery. You want your plant-growing business to start strong, so you can be making money from plants before you know it. Answer these five questions, and you’ll be on your way. To learn more, read How to Start a Profitable Backyard Plant Nursery.