Four Ways to Profit With a Backyard Plant Nursery

Heather is one of the most profitable plants for a backyard nursery

Heather is one of the most profitable plants for a backyard nursery

You’d love your backyard plant nursery to be full of profitable plants. So what are the ways you can profit? What are the plants you could sell for good money? Here are four. Grow these and you could be making big profits with your backyard plant nursery:

1. Ground covers

In general, anything that clumps, vines, mats or creeps to cover the ground is considered a ground cover. Ground covers are fairly easy to grow and can make you some of the highest per-square-foot income of all plants. Ground covers provide erosion control by being able to stabilize the soil. They also reduce the need for watering as they can cut moisture loss, and act as a living mulch, which prevents evaporation. Plus, the dense cover can prevent weeds from taking over. The “big four” of popular ground covers include: English Ivy, Pachysandra, Vinca and Winter Creeper. Some growers make a nice living just growing those four.

2. Landscaping trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are everywhere. Someone has to grow them, so why not you? Popular plants include azaleas, rhododendrons, firs, Japanese maples, junipers and spruce. Find the trees and shrubs that are suited to your area and are in high demand, and get growing. It might take awhile before your trees and shrubs are ready to sell, but when they do, you could see some big profits. To speed things up, buy small plants, called “liners,” from wholesale nurseries and move them to bigger containers when they’re ready with minimal transplant shock.

3. Ornamental grasses

These grasses have earned the name “ornamental,” due to their distinctive color or form. They also can vary greatly in size, from six-inch tufts to twenty-foot giants. They’re fairly easy to grow, and are in high demand. Landscape designers frequently use them as groundcovers, specimen plants, near ponds or streams and in rock gardens. Decorators and floral designers love to use them as cut flowers and everlastings. Cities love them as well. Ornamental grasses can do well in urban environments due to their high tolerance for poor soil and air pollution. Some of the best ornamental grasses to grow include: blue lyme grass, fountain grass, giant reed and switch grass.

4. Value-added products

There are many valuable products that can come out of your backyard plant nursery. More and more people are living in apartments and condos and simply don’t have room for a full-size Christmas tree. Still, many want to get in the Christmas spirit, and are instead buying table-top Christmas trees. If you can grow these  trees, you could see a lot of business. Italian stone pine and Elwood cedar are two particularly popular varieties. Or how about bonsai trees? Bonsai is the popular and fun Japanese method of stunting trees and shrubs without altering its natural appearance. You can make good money selling bonsai, which continues to be a big seller.


These four ways can bring tidy profits. Ask around. Find out what people are looking for, and if you can it, you’ll see a lot of business. Soon you could be profiting with your own backyard plant nursery. To learn more, read How to Start a Profitable Backyard Plant Nursery.