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Advertising and marketing used to be expensive. Not anymore! With a little help from the internet and proven free and inexpensive marketing techniques, you can get the word out without spending a fortune. Sell Your Harvest, was written to help growers generate new income from their plants with a tiny or non-existent advertising budget.

Specialty plant growers and producers of value-added plant products today have far more marketing options available to them than just a few years ago. Now, due to the explosive growth of the internet as an advertising medium, most of the effective marketing tools are free or close to it.

Frankly, most growers are not very good at advertising, publicity and other forms of marketing. They may be able to grow the finest apples or shrubs in the region, but haven’t a clue how to stay connected to their customers and find new customers using the internet.

There are also dozens of traditional marketing methods available to any grower who takes the time to use them. Almost all are free or virtually free. From flyers to signs, recipes to rent-a-tree, savvy growers have been using these methods to boost sales and profits for many years, but now, thanks to the internet, your marketing message can reach more people for less money than ever before.

There are fifty free and low-cost marketing ideas for growers in this book. Whether you’re launching a new specialty crop business, or expanding an existing one, free marketing can help you grow that business without spending a lot to do it.

Selling Your Harvest is divided into four sections, each about a broad marketing topic. The first section, It’s All About You, explores personality-based marketing, where you, the owner, are the “face” of your business, and how to make that work for you.

The second section, Publicity Is Free Advertising, covers the seven best ways smart growers can build public awareness, which translates to increased sales in the future.

The third section covers traditional marketing methods that still work well in an internet age, especially when combined with the use of the internet, and are free or low cost.

The fourth section covers free and almost free internet-based marketing methods available to any grower, large or small. From free web sites to e-mail newsletters, the internet has revolutionized advertising and marketing. Not that long ago, business owners had fewer options, and had to pay high prices for newspaper and magazine ads, yellow page ads and printed mailers. Today, if you can utilize a few simple internet-based marketing methods, the cost is close to zero.

Here are just a few of the marketing secrets you’ll find in Selling Your Harvest:

  •  Five simple ways to encourage your customers to spread the word about your business – page 7.
  • Guaranteed to grow – 3 words that can easily boost sales by 10% – page 9.
  • Ten commandments of exceptional customer service – page 15.
  • How to get free publicity for your business – page 16.
  • Logo power, and how to get your own logo inexpensively – page 23 & 30.
  • 3 secrets to selling your crops to restaurants – page 27.
  • How to “Buy Local” movement can help you sell your crops to grocery stores – page 29.
  • Using the farmer’s market to inexpensively test a new product – page 33.
  • Give it away – the magic of free samples – page 37.
  • “Beat the Season” and get premium prices for your crops – page 40.
  • Get 5X to 10X markups with value-added products – page 41.
  • U-Pick and U-Profit – 19 tips for success -page 45.
  • Sell your plants and plant products by mail-order – page 49.
  • Using do-it-yourself kits to sell more – page 51.
  • Roadside stand tips for success – page 55.
  • Boost sales with gift certificates – page 56.
  • 6 ways to create signs that work – page 58.
  • How free recipes can help you sell more – page 59.
  • Increase your prices to sell more? Yes, here’s how – page 62.
  • How to get a free web site for your growing business – page 64.
  • Let Google help your customers find you – page 67.
  • Free advertising on Facebook – page 71.
  • Earn $50 for every dollar you spend with an email newsletter – page 72.
  • What to sell on the internet – page 74.
  • Free local advertising on the internet – page 76.

Sell Your Harvest is an 77 page eBook available for instant download, so you can read it within minutes of ordering. I trust you’ll use it to grow your specialty crop business to the next level without having to spend a fortune on advertising. The eBook is just $21.95, and you’ll save far more than that using just a few of the tips in the book!

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