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Would you like to make $40,000 in your backyard nursery? Growing garlic for profit could make it happen. It’s the perfect way to cash in on the growing demand for gourmet garlic and garlic products. So how can you make $40,000 farming garlic? Here’s how:

It’s important to know that growing garlic will not make you a nice income overnight. Like most plants, garlic does take several months to grow to harvest time.

Your first question might be, why garlic? There are certainly many profitable plants out there, but here’s why garlic might be the perfect fit for you. Not only is garlic fairly easy to grow, it can grow in many different types of soils, environments and climates. Plus, according to the Fresh Garlic Association, garlic is the second most-used spice in the entire world, right behind pepper. In America alone, over 300 million pounds of garlic was consumed just last year. That garlic has to come from somewhere, so why not your backyard nursery?

The key to success as a garlic grower is growing what people want to buy. This principle is true for any business. Let’s think about this a second. Honda needs to make a car that has what people want, such as high fuel efficiency, great design, fun features, and a safe ride. Nabisco wants to make the tastiest snacks. So you as a garlic grower need to do the same thing. You want to grow the varieties of garlic that people want. That’s how you’ll be a successful grower.

So how do you learn what people want? Check the web sites of garlic seed growers to find out which varieties are popular. For several years, the “hardneck” gourmet varieties such as Porcelain, Rocambole and Purple Stripe have been strong sellers. In fact, if you check with suppliers too late, you’ll find they are sold out of bulbs for the season! Do your research and the garlic you grow will be in demand and bring the best profits.

So how can you make $40,000 growing garlic? Here are some examples to show you how. Gourmet garlic varieties and elephant garlic (the cloves on these look and smell like regular garlic, but are twice as big and have a milder flavor) are some you should consider. These routinely sell for about $16 a pound. On average, you’ll get a yield at harvest of about one-half pound per square foot of growing area.So let’s do the math. If you’d like to make $40,000, and you’re selling your garlic for $16 a pound, then you need enough room to produce around 2,500 pounds of garlic. That means you need around 5,000 square feet, or a bit more than a tenth of an acre, of growing area for your garlic patch.

Where do you sell garlic? There are many proven places for that, such as farmers’ markets, produce brokers who buy garlic in bulk and then resell them to supermarkets and other retail outlets, mail-order sales, restaurants, supermarkets, roadside stands, food co-ops and many, many more.

With just a tenth of an acre of land you could build a thriving garlic business in very little time. It certainly won’t happen overnight, but in a few months you could be making the type of money you’ve always wanted.

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