Got a Green Thumb? Why Not Grow Flowers for Profit?


Profitable Farmer's Market Flowers

Profitable Farmer’s Market Flowers

If you’re like many people, you enjoy gardening. It’s a fun activity that gets you outside and enjoying nature and learning a valuable skill. But did you know you could also make good money while gardening as a flower farmer? Growing for profit is a fun way to earn extra cash or maybe start a new career. Here’s how:

The popularity of flowers is on the rise, and not expected to level off anytime soon. Think about how many places you see flowers: backyards, parks, shopping centers, schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants and many, many more. Someone has to grow them. Why not you? As a flower grower you stand to make some good money. So how much? Flower growers make, on average, $20 to $30 an hour. Your hobby can make you good money in no time.

So how can you make money from flowers? There are many places to sell your profitable plants. First, try the local farmers’ market. These events continue to draw big crowds eager for the best products from local growers. Setup a stand or booth, and watch the sales pour in, as farmer’s market flowers are always a hit. While you’re there, don’t forget to ask customers and prospects to sign up for a mailing list to stay informed of special sales. Thanks to email, maintaining a mailing list is easy, quick and fun. Keep it fun and your readers will delight in seeing your latest email in their inbox.

Next, you could sell your flowers to hotels and restaurants, which often like to beautify entries, rooms and tables with fresh bouquets of cut flowers. If a hotel or restaurant likes your arrangements, they’ll want more flowers on a regular basis.

Have you ever thought of starting a roadside stand? Many growers sell from a roadside stand and make big profits. Team up with another roadside stand in your area that sells a complementary product, such as vegetables and herbs, and together you could make some good money. Many towns put together a map of roadside stands, so make sure yours is on it.

Don’t forget about florists. Contact florists in your town, and find out just what they’re looking for. If you can grow what they want, and give them a better deal, well then you could see a lot of continuous business. Same with grocery stores. Many super markets are now selling flowers. They have to get them somewhere. How about your backyard nursery?

You’ve got a green thumb. You’ve been growing flowers for years, just for fun and the enjoyment that can bring. But you can also make really good money with these profitable plants. After all, flower growers make, on average, $24 to $30 an hour. Soon your green thumb won’t just be because of flowers, but the money that’s rolling in, all thanks to your backyard nursery. To learn more, read Growing Flowers for Profit.