Growing For Profit In Your Backyard Herb Garden

Growing Herbs For Market

Growing Culinary Herbs For Market

We could all use a little extra cash. How about something that gets you out of the house and in your backyard, enjoying the sunlight and beautiful summer weather. If that sounds good to you, maybe you should consider growing herbs for profit.

The herb business is booming these days as people are looking for a more natural and healthy lifestyle. Many cooks are using more herbs than ever. Plus, herbs offer many medicinal benefits. Many are good for digestive health as well as calming benefits or skin care benefits. So starting an herbal growing business can put money in your pocket and money in the bank.

It’s really quite easy too and shouldn’t cost you a lot. In fact you can probably start an herb business for under $500. First you need to build a mini-greenhouse/raised bed. It’s a good idea to make it 40 inches in width. You need access to the mini-greenhouse/raised bed from all sides. Also, keep it away from shade. Your herbs need lots of sunlight.

Once your herbs are planted, you’re ready to begin the growing process. Be sure to take good care of your herbs, applying a liquid seaweed or liquid fish emulsion as a foliar spray. This will provide the nutrients necessary to makes your herbs healthy. Also, be sure to water about once a day. Don’t over water them. It’s also a good idea to water your herbs in the morning. Soon enough your herbs will be grown. Now you’re ready to start selling them.

This is the good part. There are many ways you can sell your herbs. You might be able to sell them right out of your backyard, based on what your local laws permit. Consider taking out an ad in the “Penny Saver” or “Little Nickel” or through a web site such as or Offer good deals to your customers, though don’t feel like you have to make your prices lower then everyone else’s. Some people see low prices and they see low quality.

You can also sell your herbs through a fundraiser. People are willing to spend more money if they know part of the profits is going to a charitable cause or church. 25 to 30 percent is a good amount to donate.

Perhaps the most popular way to sell herbs is through your local farmer’s market. You’ll most likely have to pay a small fee for the space, but you’ll have lots of customers. Once you get these customers, keep them coming back! Continue to offer good prices. Maybe make a flyer or business card, something for your customers to take home and put on their bulletin board or refrigerator. Building strong relationships and having good products will keep your customers coming back. Soon you could be on your way to growing for profit with a herb business. Best of all, your workspace is right there in your backyard in the sun. To learn more, read Growing Herbs For Profit.