Growing Herbs For Profit – A Perfect Business for Stay-at-Home Moms

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You’re a stay-at-home mom. The kids are keeping you busy, but you’d like to make a little money too. And besides, you’re feeling a little cooped up being indoors all day. The kids get to play outside. Why not you? Well how about growing herbs for profit?

Starting your own backyard herb business is quite simple. You can be working on your herbs while your kids play in the yard, giving you more time to spend together and make you some money at the same time. First you need to build your mini-greenhouse/raised bed, which will help you grow bigger plant s faster, and stretch the growing season in the spring and fall.  This needs to be built in a place where it can get lots of sunlight and is accessible from all sides. It’s also a good idea to make the width 40 inches, so you can easily reach in to the center from both sides.

Let’s say your mini-greenhouse/raised bed is 40 inches by 30 feet. If you use 6 inch pots (highly recommended, larger pots equal better herbs and better profits), you’ll be able to fit in about 400 pots.

Next you need to put together a good soil mixture. For a 40 inch by 30 foot bed, this mixture will do:

8 cubic feet topsoil

8 cubic feet washed sand

4 cubic feet perlite

2 cubic feet peatmoss

10 pounds dry organic fertilizer

10 pounds dolomite lime

Now it’s time to pick what herbs you’d like to grow. How about letting the kids help you with this. Together you can pick a few and then be on your way to planting them. This can be a fun, educational activity for you and your kids, plus provide some much-needed sunlight and fresh air.

As your plants start to grow, be sure to take good care of them. In most cases, water them once a day, preferably in the morning. As your son waters the plants, you can show your daughter  how to apply liquid seaweed or liquid fish emulsion as a foliar spray. This is important to do every week during growing season as a way to provide necessary nutrients to your herbs.

When your herbs are ready to sell, you can sell them directly from your backyard (if your town allows), a garage sale (be sure to advertise that you’re only selling herbs), at a fundraiser for a church or charitable cause (people love buying a product if they know part of the profits are going to a good cause), or even your local farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets are a great way to be exposed to a large number of customers eager for what you have to offer. And don’t forget that maybe your kids could help you out, helping to carry plants and set up your site.

In no time at all you could be on the way to starting a profitable herb business. As a stay-at-home mom, it’d give you a chance to make some money while caring for your kids, plus also giving them a fun, educational activity to do as well. You’ll be spending more time together and enjoying the sunlight and fresh air.

To find out where to download the free plans for the mini-greenhouse/raised bed (you can build it for about $250), get a copy of Growing Herbs for Profit. The book also lists the most popular culinary and medicinal herbs, so customers will be eager to buy your plants. The greenhouse is not absolutely essential, but most growers find it pays for itself in just the first growing season.