How to Make Money Growing Oyster Mushrooms for Profit

Growing Oyster Mushrooms

Growing Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are a popular item at restaurants, farmers’ markets and super markets. Did you know you can make good money growing oyster mushrooms for profit? Here’s how:

Oyster mushrooms, a type of exotic mushroom, are enjoying a high level of demand. Last year in the United States, almost two million pounds of exotic mushrooms were grown. And that high level of demand isn’t expected to drop off anytime in the foreseeable future.

In addition to the high demand, oyster mushrooms are fairly easy to grow. An oyster mushroom takes about six weeks from start to harvest. That’s one of the reasons they’re the perfect mushroom for the part-time grower. To be a successful oyster mushroom grower, you don’t need to have a full-time commitment. You can work a full-time job or have other commitments. If you can spare a few hours a week, then you have enough time to be a successful mushroom grower.

So what kind of money can you make as a mushroom grower? Oyster mushrooms are currently selling for around $6 a pound wholesale. A growing area of around 200 square feet can produce 800 pounds per crop, or 5,000 pounds of mushrooms per year – worth $30,000 at current prices! That’s why growing oyster mushrooms for profit is a great way to make some extra cash.

After your oyster mushrooms are all grown, they’re ready to be sold. Mushrooms generally do best when they’re sold right away when they’re fresh. If you can’t sell your entire supply soon, freeze or dry the remaining mushrooms, and you can sell them sometime in the future. For the crop you’re ready to sell now, here are three proven markets:

Restaurants love using fresh mushrooms. Visit some local restaurants and hand out free samples to their chefs. If they like what you have, you might see a lot of business come your way.

Farmers’ markets are fun events that attract big crowds looking to buy from the best local growers. Set up a stand or booth and get ready to sell a lot of mushrooms. Spots often fill up fast, so if that happens, consider asking another grower if you can share a stand or booth with them.

Grocery stores frequently stock exotic mushrooms. Many get their mushrooms from out-of-state distributors. Because oyster mushrooms taste much better when fresh picked, stores prefer to buy local whenever possible.

Mushroom ebook cover largeYou can make money growing oyster mushrooms for profit in just a few weeks’ time. Oyster mushrooms are fairly easy to grow, and are in high demand. There are several places you can sell your mushrooms too. It’s simply a great way to make a nice extra income. To learn more about this high-value cash crop, read Growing Gourmet Mushrooms For Profit.