How to Start a Backyard Bamboo Business


Everyone Needs Bamboo!

Everyone Needs Bamboo!

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of fun spending time in your backyard garden. It gets you outdoors practicing a valuable skill. But did you know you could make money with a backyard bamboo nursery? Quite easily too. It’s all possible by starting a backyard bamboo business. Here’s how:

Bamboo’s popularity is continuing to grow. More than half the population uses bamboo in one way or another, so the demand for healthy, quality bamboo has been steady, and there’s no downturn in sight. It’s also the fastest-growing plant. A bamboo plant once grew 47.6 inches in 24 hours!

Starting your own backyard bamboo business is quite easy. First, take into account the climate and environment you live in. If temperatures often go below zero F. in the winter, then consider plants other than bamboo. Otherwise, your climate should work just fine for growing bamboo, as it tolerates a wide range of climates, from tropical to snowy winters. Most bamboo plants will need soil with a neutral pH.

When deciding on what plants to grow, here’s a simple rule to follow: grow what sells. Do your research. Visit the local garden center and see what bamboo varieties they are stocking. Talk to landscapers and commercial growers. What do they typically buy and use? To make a good profit you need to grow exactly what people want to buy.

Take good care of your plants as they’re growing. Make sure they have plenty of room, as underground runners can typically go out as far as the plant’s height. Because you can propagate bamboo simply by dividing the runners (called rhizomes) and re-planting, you’ll have all the free bamboo you want after you purchase your first plants. Once your plants are ready to propagate, you should consider growing your plants in containers, such as pots and planters. Container-grown plants can be sold almost any time of the year. Make sure your containers can “breathe,” as this allows for sufficient drainage.

When you’re ready to sell your plants, you have many options. How about selling directly to the public from your backyard nursery? You get paid immediately, and can get to know your customers. Or what about selling through the mail? Put together a flyer, catalog or web site that showcases just what you have to offer. If you specialize in the more exotic varieties, collectors will buy via mail. You could also sell directly to landscapers and garden centers. Or what about selling bamboo products? Making and selling bamboo products is your chance to get creative, and make good money at the same time. Some popular bamboo products include garden sculpture, fencing, privacy screens and parrot stands. Have fun with it!

GoldenHarvest2dcover_optYou can start a backyard bamboo business fairly easily. It won’t happen overnight, but with some hard work and smart choices, your business could be the one everyone calls for their bamboo needs. Soon you could be making the profits you’ve always dreamed about. To learn more, read Golden Harvest.

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