How to Start a Herb Business for Just $500


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Starting a herb growing business can be a lot of fun—watching the plants grow, seeing the happiness they can bring customers—but also, it can be very profitable. In addition to these great benefits, the cost of starting an herb business is relatively inexpensive. In fact, you can probably start one for under $500.

First of all, to provide the best growing environment for herb plants, it is recommended you build a mini-greenhouse/raised bed. It’s a good idea to standardize the width at 40 inches, but you can make it any length you want to accommodate the space available in your backyard or growing area. In figuring out placement of your mini-greenhouse/raised bed, make sure you have easy access to it on all sides, which will make watering and caring for it much easier. Also, it needs lots of sunlight. Don’t hide it under a tree or put it in a shady spot.

The cost for a mini-greenhouse/raised bed should be under $300 for a 40 inch by 30 foot bed. Best of all, it should pay for itself fairly quickly. If you’re looking for a more creative raised bed, considering checking out what the Noble Foundation has to offer. They offer many that are made out of such materials as corrugated metal sheeting or recycled tires. They have also created a very simple mini-greenhouse that is 40 inches by 30 feet and can be built for $100!

A raised bed/mini-greenhouse of this size should accommodate about 400 potted plants. Also, it is recommended you use larger pots (such as six-inch pots) as these will generally sell better. A good recipe that will provide enough growing mix for these 400 six-inch pots is as follows:

8 cubic feet topsoil

8 cubic feet washed sand

4 cubic feet perlite

12 cubic feet peat moss

Next you’re going to need to purchase the herb seeds. There are many sources online such as Johnny’s Seeds and Richter’s. Both are good sources of information about the most profitable plants.After you get the seeds, you’re ready to begin growing and on your way to success in the herb business.

After your herb plants have grown and you’re ready to sell your plants, it’s time to purchase the other items that will help you succeed. It’s a good idea to buy sturdy tables to display your potted herbs at a convenient level for your customers . Also, if you plan to sell your plants at a farmer’s market (one of the best ways to sell plants and gain new customers) in addition to the fee for your space, you might need a simple canopy if shade is not available. Other business costs could include flyers, business cards, and more. Get creative! Small expenses could lead to big profits.

Buying the right supplies will lead to success in the herbal business. With under $500 you can get your herb growing business started and you’ll see the profits grow faster than your plants! For download information on the free mini-greenhouse/raised bed and information on the most profitable herbs, read Growing Herbs for Profit.