Would You Like to be the Owner of a Profitable Plant Growing Business?

If you enjoy growing plants, I have exciting news for you: You can make a good income – part-time or even full-time – growing plants for profit! It’s easy to turn your backyard or small acreage into cash. Our Grower’s Guides can show you how.

 “Simply the best publications on the market for growing cash crops on small acreage. I teach classes about market gardening that use your book.” Harvey H…North Carolina

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in our Grower’s Guides.
Click on any e-book cover to look inside. All books come with a free copy of Sell Your Harvest, to help you find the best ways to market your crops for top dollar!

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  • How to grow, harvest and market each flower variety, from annual cut flowers to woody ornamentals.
  • The best floral moneymakers, including crops that bring in $8 per square foot!
  • Case studies: the six-acre farm that produces $100,000 of flower bulbs every year, and the flower grower whose unique “niche” to market her flowers brings in $500,000 annually!

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  • Sources for “starter” plants you can buy for 25 cents that can be re-sold in a year for $5—a 2,000% markup!
  • How to get free plants using a simple propagation method that takes less than a minute.
  • $50,000 yearly with just an acre of landscaping trees…
  • Four “value-added” methods to turn $3 plants into $60 plants!

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  • This garlic grower sells his gourmet garlic from his backyard quarter-acre, by mail only, for $10 a pound—and sells out every year.
  • Value-added garlic products that bring 300% profits
  • How to turn straw into gourmet mushrooms that sell for $6/pound.
  • Turn a shaded backyard half-acre into $100,000 worth of ginseng seed and roots.

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  • Ten culinary herbs you can grow in just 400 square feet for $1,000 monthly profits.
  • How to sell out every herb plant you produce, and double your profits with “value-added” herb products.
  • Herb growing resources, including free plans for a mini-greenhouse!

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What Our Grower’s Guides Cover:

Each of these books covers all the basic information you need to get your new business up and running. You’ll find page after page of to-the-point directions on:

  • How to grow and market each crop.
  • How to decide on the best plants for you.
  • How to sell all you can grow!
  • How to make “value-added” products from your plants, to produce even more income.
  • How to get free professional help!
  • How to tap hundreds of hard-to-find wholesale sources for seeds and plants.
  • A resource section to help you find in-depth information, such as specialized newsletter and books, plus commercial growing supplies.

“You’ve done everything for the potential grower except weed the garden! I’ve wondered how to market, how to set prices, what to try. Your books answered all my questions.” Linda L… Texas

Who Should Start Growing Profitable Plants?

Growing plants is an ideal business for:

  • Mothers – who need to stay home with their kids.
  • Retired folks – who want to supplement their Social Security and pension.
  • Teenagers – who want extra money working part-time.
  • Rural folks – with larger yards or a few acres.
  • Anyone who loves to garden.

You can start your own spare-time plant business with very little money. Most can be started with just a few hundred dollars, and almost no financial risk. Growing plants is a simple business that anyone with a bit of common sense can do.

“As a newcomer, I feel very fortunate I ran across your books. I have spent a small fortune trying to find the information you compiled in just one book. Keep up the good work.”  Francine W… California

The first step is finding a crop that’s right for you – whether it’s flowers, mushrooms, herbs or landscaping plants. Frankly, the first step – finding the “growing opportunity” that’s right for you – can be a challenge. Here’s the help you need to find the perfect growing business for you. Just click the button above on a topic that interests you – flowers, or mushrooms, for example, for more information about each crop. You’ll also find lots of free articles about the best crops for small growers here. Just click on an article or category to learn more.

“I’d always thought my interest in gardening and working with the soil was simply a hobby – nothing more. Now that I’ve discovered it can be turned into a good income, I’m the happiest person alive!”    Bill T… Colorado

You’ll feel the same, I promise. There’s nothing more thrilling than making money doing something you truly enjoy. Sure, like anything else, it takes work. There’s no such thing as a “money tree.” But if you love gardening, you’ll enjoy every minute. It won’t seem like work at all. I’m sure you’ll find a “growing opportunity,” or several, that’s just right for you. I know of no other business that’s so interesting, healthful, and offers such profit potential for a small investment—so take the first step and order a grower guide for the crops that interest you.