6 Insider Secrets to a Successful Bamboo Nursery

6 Insider Secrets For a Bamboo Nursery

6 Insider Secrets For a Bamboo Nursery

You’d like your bamboo business to be the best – to be the one everyone calls for their bamboo needs. So how can do you that? How can your backyard nursery be full of profitable plants in no time? Here are six insider secrets to a successful bamboo-growing business. Soon you’ll be making the profits you’ve always dreamed about.

1. Grow what sells

That sounds obvious, but is what holds some growers back from big profits. As any business knows, you need to sell what people want to buy. That’s how you make a nice profit. So how can you figure out what is selling? Do some research. Talk to landscapers and find out just what they are typically using. Visit your local garden center and see what they keep a high amount of in stock.

2. Sell value-added products

Value-added products are your chance to get creative and make some nice money. There are many products you can make with bamboo plants, such as privacy screens, fencing, water pipes, parrot stands and vases. These products are typically in high demand.

3. Sell to garden centers in the off-season

One place to sell your bamboo plants is to garden centers. They have to get their plants from somewhere, so why not your bamboo nursery? Find out what they’re looking for, and if you can offer those plants at a competitive price, you could see a lot of business. Here’s a tip, sell to garden centers during the off-season. They’ll be less busy, and the buyers will have more time to talk to you.

4. Container growing

Container-grown plants can be sold almost anytime of the year. That’s why container growing is a perfect way to sell your plants. Bamboo plants do particularly well in pots and planters. Remember, pots and containers that can “breath” are the best kind for bamboo as they promote good water drainage.

5. Grow them to their maximum potential

You want your bamboo plants to grow up healthy. If your winter is particularly cold, consider growing on a slightly sloping hillside that faces south, or in a sheltered area. In most cases you’ll want a soil with a neutral pH, and for the plants to have access to a lot of sunlight. And don’t forget to only use organic fertilizers.

6. Take advantage of free advertising

There are many free ways you can advertise your bamboo business. If you plan to sell directly to the public, check with your town to see if they publish a map that shows all growers and farmers that sell to the public. Many towns do. Also, many newspapers love to cover new local businesses. Write a press release or a simple fact sheet, and send it to your newspaper. They might be willing to write a feature story about you and your bamboo business.

Try some or all of these six insider secrets and you could be growing bamboo for profit in no time. Soon those profitable plants will bring you the type of income you’ve always wanted. To learn more, read Golden Harvest.

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