6 Insider Secrets to a Successful Flower Farming Business

Flower Farming

Flower Farming

You’d like to be a successful flower grower. You’ve heard how you can make $20 to $30 an hour, on average, from growing flowers. So how can you be a success? Here are six insider secrets that’ll give you a head start:

1. Listen to customers

Businesses that listen to their customers have a much higher chance of succeeding. This is especially true in the flower business. Listen to your customers and find out what they want. If you can grow what they want, they’ll know you’re the flower business to turn to. Growing what customers want makes you a bigger profit and cuts down on growing flowers that might go to waste.

2. Start a mailing list

The easiest customers to get are ones that have already bought from you. Get your customers on a mailing list. Put a sign-up sheet near your flowers whenever you sell them. Thanks to email, mailing lists are fun, easy and completely free to do. Keep your customers notified of when and where you’ll be selling your flowers next. Add in fun flower facts or photos. If your email is enjoyable to read, customers will be excited to see it in their inbox.

3. Teach a class

If you have some flower growing or flower arranging skills to share—which you should have—then teaching a class can be a fun and rewarding experience. Show your class how to make bouquets or wreaths. Most of all, have fun with it. Let your creativity shine. It’s a great way to make extra money, while also providing free advertising for your business. Soon your students might be purchasing your plants.

4. Fundraisers

Fundraisers are another great way to sell your plants. They often draw big crowds more than willing to open up their wallets for a good cause. If you’re willing to donate some of the profits (25-40% is a typical amount to share) from your flower sales to a charity or other good cause, people will be happy to make a purchase. It not only helps your wallet, but it also makes your business look good.

5. Offer a subscription service

Some of your customers might want flowers on a regular basis. Some of these customers could include business offices, hotels and restaurants that use flowers to liven up an office, table or entryway. If this is the case, consider offering a subscription service. It makes sure you have steady business coming in, and it lets you know what you need to grow ahead of time. This will cut down on growing plants that might go to waste.

6. Have really healthy plants

This sounds obvious, but should be at the front of your mind when you’re starting a flower business. Having a good product will lead to a good profit. Make sure your plants grow up healthy. Use a good soil mix. Only use organic materials, such as organic fertilizers. Put down some mulch as a way to stop weeds. Use insecticidal soaps, pyrethrums or Neem to stop the threat of pests. Also, if the flowers are exposed, such as there is no tree or building nearby, consider planting tall shrubs to act as a windbreak. You want to avoid wind damage, such as broken stems. Give your plants the right kind of care, and you’ll see them sell faster than you thought possible.

These six insider secrets can put you ahead in the flower-growing business in no time. Soon your backyard nursery can be yielding you the profits you’ve always dreamed about. To learn more, read: Growing Flowers for Profit.