6 Profitable Bamboo Growing Secrets

6 Insider Secrets For a Bamboo Nursery

6 Insider Secrets For a Bamboo Nursery

A bamboo business can make you some big profits. Many growers are making over $50,000 a year. So how can you make that much? How can you turn you backyard bamboo nursery into a profitable plants center. Here are some profitable bamboo-growing secrets that’ll do just that:

1. Pay attention to other growers

Any business needs to know what their competition is up to: what products they offer and at what prices. It’s certainly true for a bamboo business. Keep track of the market. Buy gardening magazines, and order catalogs. Visit your local garden center. Are you growing what people want to buy? Pay particular attention to the prices of your competitors. Are your prices competitive? Your prices don’t necessarily need to be lower than everyone else’s, but make sure yours are at least competitive with theirs.

2. Maps of growers

Many newspapers and counties print maps of local growers and farmers that sell directly to the public. If you’re selling directly to public, be sure to get your backyard bamboo nursery on the map. You could get a lot of business from people that might not have known about you otherwise.

3. Newspaper article

Newspapers love to write articles about new businesses, especially ones that are providing a quality service. Write up a press release or a fact sheet that tells what your bamboo business has to offer. Send it to your local newspaper and you just might get an article written about you. Best of all, this doesn’t cost you a cent, nor does it take a long amount of time. It’s free advertising.

4. Garden center sales

Selling your bamboo plants to garden centers is a great way to make good money. Plus they often buy in large quantities, and will want to buy again and again. If can you grow exactly what they’re looking for and at a price lower than what they’ve paid in the past, you could see a lot of business. The best way to get sales from garden centers is to sell to buyers in the off-season, as they’ll have more time to talk to you.

5. Sell bamboo products

Bamboo can be used to make a variety of things. Get creative. Have fun with it. Harvested poles, in particular, can be made into value-added products, such as fencing, privacy screens, water pipes, vases and parrot stands.

Once your plants are ready to propagate, consider growing your “for sale” bamboo plants in containers, such as pots and planters. Container-grown plants can be sold almost any time of the year. Make sure you use containers that can “breathe” as this will help ensure sufficient drainage.

Follow these six profitable bamboo-growing secrets and you could be on your way to big profits in a very short time. Soon your bamboo business could be producing a solid income for you. To learn more, read Golden Harvest.

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