Can You Spare 10 Hours a Week? Here’s How to Earn $250 Growing Profitable Plants

Growing Plants For Profit

Growing Plants For Profit

A lot of people love to garden. It’s a fun activity. But many don’t realize you can make really good money growing plants for profit. It’s fairly easy too, nor does it require a huge time commitment. Do you have ten hours a week to spare? Well then here’s how you can earn $250 growing profitable plants:

Look around, plants are everywhere. Someone has to grow these plants, so why not you and your backyard nursery. There simply is a high demand for good plants. If you can grow healthy plants that people are looking for, you can make a lot of money. So how much? Growers make, on average, $25 to $30 an hour. Work 10 hours a week, and you could make an average of $250 a week.

Growing plants doesn’t require a full-time commitment. While plants do need some regular care and attention, you can still have other commitments and jobs too. It can be a way to earn extra cash, start a new career, or be a part-time income. You decide.

When deciding on what plants you’d like to grow, keep in mind some specialties that could earn you some nice profits:

Ornamental grasses are known for their exceptional color and form. Plus, they have a huge range of size possibilities, from six inches to twenty feet. They’re being heavily used for urban landscaping as they are tolerant of air pollution and poor soil. Decorators and floral designers are frequently using them as cut flowers and everlastings. They’re simply a great choice for a new grower as few insects or diseases bother them.

Table-top Christmas trees are gaining popularity as more and more people are living in apartments and condos that simply don’t have room for a full-size Christmas tree. These can provide a lot of fun for any home. Two of the most widely-used varieties are Italian stone pine and Elwood cedar.

Bonsai is the Japanese method of stunting shrubs and trees without changing the natural appearance. Their popularity has remained steady for years, and can bring some big profits your way. There are three types to consider growing: starter plants, trained plants and specimen plants. Each can make you different money based on size and appearance.

Once you’re ready to sell your plants, you have a lot of options. You could try farmers’ markets, which are popular events that routinely draw big crowds eager to buy from the best local growers. Or how about a fundraiser. Donate some of your profits to a good cause or charity and you could see a lot of sales. Also, you could sell directly to landscapers. They have to get their plants from somewhere, so why not your backyard nursery. If you can grow what they want and sell it at a competitive price, you could see a lot of repeat business.

Growing plants for profit is a fun way to make, on average, $25 to $30 an hour. Best of all, it doesn’t require a full-time commitment. If you’ve got 10 hours a week to spare, you could make $250 in no time. To learn more, read How to Start a Profitable Backyard Plant Nursery.