Can You Spare 8 Hours a Week? Here’s How to Earn Money Growing Herbs for Profit in Your Backyard Garden

Growing for Profit With Potted Culinary Herbs

Growing for Profit With Potted Culinary Herbs

Many of us have hobbies. Most of our hobbies are a way to get away from the stresses of life and spend some time enjoying ourselves. A lot of our hobbies are outdoors—playing golf, gardening, or just relaxing. But what if you could actually make money from your hobby? What if you could make as much as $300, if not more, with just 8 hours of work a week? Well you can by starting a profitable herbs business, right in your own backyard.

Growing herbs for profit is quite easy and fairly inexpensive. First you need a mini-greenhouse/raised bed. You can build one yourself for under $100. 40 inches is a good width, as you can reach your herbs from both sides easily. 30 feet is a good length, but whatever fits your backyard will do. The Noble Foundation has developed a simple 40-inch by 30-foot mini-greenhouse/raised bed combo that do-it-yourselfers can build for under $250!

After you’ve planted your herbs, you’re ready to begin watching them grow. It’s important to water them everyday. Generally one time a day will be enough and preferably in the morning. Be careful not to over water them. It’s also a good idea to apply a liquid seaweed or fish emulsion as a foliar spray, as this will provide the necessary nutrients to make your plants grow nice and strong. Strong plants will look better and sell better, which will mean higher profits for you.

Growing your plants won’t take a lot of work from you. They just need a little care and attention every day. Less than 10 hours a week is all you will need – Just an hour or so everyday.

After your herbs are grown, you’re ready to begin selling them. If your local law allows, you can sell them right out of your backyard. That’d make it easier on you, plus you will make a higher profit than selling them wholesale. Most backyard herb growers sell their plants just one day a week, Saturday for instance, so it won’t be a huge time commitment on your part. Get the whole family involved and you can have yourself up and in business before you know it. It will get you and the family outside, enjoying the sunlight and fresh air, and put some money in your pocket too.

In just about 8 hours a week you could be on your way to making $300 or more per week. Herbs are a popular product, and as more people want to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle, they will continue to sell well. You’ll find the download information on the free raised bed/mini-greenhouse plans and more information about growing and marketing culinary and medicinal herbs in Growing Herbs For Profit.