Earn Extra Cash Growing Flowers For Profit in Your Backyard

Profitable Farmer's Market Flowers

Profitable Farmer’s Market Flowers

Many people have fun taking care of a garden in their backyard, but many don’t know that that backyard nursery can actually become a profitable business. Those plants can become profitable plants in no time by starting your own flower-growing business. It’s a great way to make extra money. No full-time commitment necessary. Here’s how:

Flower sales are continuing to grow steadily, and there’s no end in sight. It’s simply a profitable field that can make anyone a lot of money. Plus, there’s no full-time commitment necessary to be a successful grower. You can still have a full-time job or do other activities. While it is true that flowers do need a certain level of attention, you can make it work with your schedule.

In particular, it’s the perfect business for a stay-at-home mom who’d like to make an extra income. You can balance it with your normal duties, and best of all, you’re able to work entirely from home. Plus, you can get the kids involved. It’s a fun way to work together with your family. It gets people away from the TV, and instead, outside enjoying nature. Retirees can have a lot of fun with flowers too. They can balance flower care with their other interests. It’s simply fun for anyone.

So how much money can you make? Flower growers make, on average, $20 to $30 an hour. After all, flowers are everywhere: in backyards, parks, schools, hotels, restaurants, offices and more. They’re given as gifts for birthdays and holidays, including Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Someone has to grow them. That could be you.

Once your flowers are grown, where can you sell them? Here are a few of some of the many places you can sell your flowers.

Farmers’ markets – These continue to draw big crowds eager to buy from local growers. It’s a chance to interact with potential customers. Put out a mailing list that they sign up for, and then keep in contact with your customers.

Hotels and restaurants – Flowers can make any table or entry look nice, so that’s why hotels and restaurants continue to buy a lot of flowers to make their establishment look nice. They’ll want to keep it looking nice too, so you could get a lot of repeat business.

Mail-order – Mail-order sales are a popular way to sell dried flowers, especially floral arrangements and wreaths. Place an ad in a flower catalog or classifieds and you could see a lot of business. Florists are also a good source of repeat sales for dried flowers they can use in arrangements, especially if you have hard-to-find varieties.

Florists – Florists need to get their flowers from somewhere, so why not you? Make the rounds and find out what florists need and what prices they’ve been paying. If you can grow what they want and charge a better price, then you could see a lot of orders.

It really is possible to make money growing flowers. You can do it on your schedule too. There’s no need for a full-time commitment. It’s simply a great way to make extra cash while enjoying a fun activity. Soon your backyard nursery can be yielding the kind of profits you’ve always wanted. To learn more, read: Growing Flowers for Profit.