Five Ways to Profit Growing Gourmet Mushrooms

5 Ways to Profit Growing Oyster Mushrooms

5 Ways to Profit Growing Oyster Mushrooms

Gourmet mushrooms continue to be a popular item. Growing mushrooms for profit can make you nice money quickly. So what are some ways you can profit with mushrooms? Here are five ways to market your mushrooms:

1. Restaurants

Many restaurants love to use fresh mushrooms. They have to get their mushrooms from somewhere, so why not you? Talk to local restaurants and see if they are interested in what you’re growing. Next, give them some free samples. If the chefs like the taste of your mushrooms, then you could see a lot of repeat business – the best kind for a mushroom grower, as you’ll have fresh mushrooms to sell every week.

2. Grocery stores

Many people turn to grocery stores to find the mushrooms they’re looking for. Like restaurants, grocery stores have to get their mushrooms from someone, and that person could be you. In particular, it’s a good idea to target grocery stores that carry exotic mushrooms and produce. These are often “upscale” grocers, which frequently cater to customers interested in buying premium mushrooms.

Many grocery stores get their mushrooms from an out-of-state distributor, so if you’re a local grower that can provide fresher mushrooms at a reasonable price, you’ll do well. Oyster mushrooms have a fairly short shelf life, which is an advantage for local growers who can pick and deliver the same day.

3. Farmers’ markets

Farmers’ markets routinely draw big crowds eager to buy from the best local growers. In particular, many people turn to farmers’ markets to find mushrooms they can’t find at their local grocery store. Set up a stand or booth and get selling. If the spots at your local farmers’ market are all sold out, then consider asking another grower if you can share their stand or booth.

4. Dried mushrooms

For less-than-perfect mushrooms that you don’t want to sell, consider drying them. This can turn into a great market for you and your mushroom-growing business. It’s fairly easy too. Most food dryers/dehydrators should do a good job of drying.

5. Frozen and pickled mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are generally going to taste best when they are freshly picked. If you have a large surplus that you can’t sell right away, consider freezing your mushrooms. This allows you to sell them days or months later. Or maybe you’d like to sell pickled mushrooms. Here’s a popular recipe you might want to try:

3 pounds mushrooms

2 tablespoons coarse or rock salt

2 1/2 cups red wine vinegar

1 1/4 cups red wine

1 small piece bruised ginger root

6 cloves

After cleaning the mushrooms, place them in a bowl and sprinkle them with the salt. Next, refrigerate overnight. The next day, gently simmer them in their own liquid and gradually stir in the vinegar, spices and wine. Bring it all to a boil and then cook for five minutes. Finally, cool down and put in bottles or jars.

Mushroom ebook cover largeTry any or all of these five ways, and see what works best for you. Before long you could be making the type of money you’ve always wanted, all from growing mushrooms for profit. To learn more, read Growing Gourmet Mushrooms for Profit.