How to Make Money Growing Landscaping Plants

Profitable Potted Shrubs in a Backyard Nursery

Profitable Potted Shrubs in a Backyard Nursery

If you’d like to make good money growing plants for profit, then you should consider growing landscaping plants. Soon you could be making the type of money you’ve always dreamed of. Here’s how:

Landscapers and homeowners use a variety of shrubs and trees to beautify a piece of land. Shrubs and trees are in constant demand, so if you can grow what people want, you could get a lot of business. There are many success stories already out there. Jack and Karen Cooper grow deciduous trees in Arizona, such as cottonwood, maple and birch. They wholesale their trees to local nurseries and landscapers. After expenses, they net around $80,000 a year. Sam Davey has a similar story. His six acres contain azaleas, Japanese maples, firs and more. He’s making more than he’s ever made before in his life. Your success story could be next.

The key to success is growing what sells. So how do you find out what sells? Get a notebook and visit your local garden center. See what they’re growing. Pay attention to pot sizes and prices. Which plants do they keep a high number of in stock? You could also pick up a current issue of a nursery-trade magazine to keep up on the latest trends. And don’t be afraid to ask around. Just what trees and shrubs are landscapers looking for? Do your research and you could become an all-star plant grower.

So what are some popular plants to grow and sell? Here are a few to get you started:

Table-top Christmas trees – As more and more people are living in apartments and condos, they simply don’t have room for a full-size Christmas tree. Still wanting to get in the Christmas spirit, many are turning to table-top Christmas trees. They light up any room and are a lot of fun. Italian stone pine and Elwood cedar are two varieties that are particularly popular.

Bonsai – Bonsai is the Japanese method of stunting a tree or shrub’s growth without affecting its natural appearance. They are grown as three types: starter plants, trained plants and specimen plants. Some popular varieties include:

Evergreen – Atlas Cedar, Japanese White Pine and Norway Spruce

Deciduous – Trident Maple, Sargent Crabapple and Paper Birch

Hypertufa Plant Containers – Hypertufa plant containers are the perfect way to turn a $3 plant into a $20 plant. Make a simple plant container out of hypertufa, which can be made by mixing three parts Portland cement, four parts peat and five parts perlite. You can find instructional videos on YouTube to get you going on this fun way to make good money.

Once you’re ready to sell your landscaping plants, you have many options:

Sell directly to landscapers – If you can grow exactly what they’re looking for, and can offer a better price than what they’ve been paying, you could see a lot of repeat business.

Garage sales – Some towns might not allow retail sales out of your backyard nursery, but most do allow garage sales. Just be specific in your ad so people don’t show up looking for sports equipment or a doll house. and – There are many ways to advertise for free online, such as Craigslist and You can place an ad in no time.

Before long you could be growing landscaping plants for profit. Big profits. Just grow what people are looking for, and sell your plants at a good price and you could see a lot of business. Soon enough you’ll be making the type of money you’ve always wanted. To learn more, read How to Start a Profitable Backyard Plant Nursery.