New Book Reveals Secrets of Profitable Herb Growing

Growing Herbs For Profit

How to Start a Profitable Herb Business

As more and more people are choosing to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle, they’re consistently turning to herbs. Herbs have many culinary and medicinal values, from the soothing taste of chamomile to the immune booster that is lemon balm. As someone who wants to start their own business, wouldn’t you like one that’s fairly easy, will get you outdoors and outside of a stuffy office, and can offer you big profits? Then why not consider starting your own herb business.

Starting your own herb growing business is easy and fairly inexpensive. You can be in business in under a month for less than $500. It doesn’t require a huge time commitment either. In fact, if you have about 10 hours a week, you can be growing herbs and making profits quickly. It can be a second income or grow into a full-time career. So how can you get started?

Everything you need to learn is in the new book from HeadStart Publishing, Growing Herbs For Profit. This easy-to-read guide will get you outside and planting wonderful medicinal and culinary herbs before you know it.

The book is divided into sections that include herb descriptions, grower success stories, how to get your business going, and more. It’s the one-stop manual for anyone ready to give this exciting field a try.

If you’ve ever been to your local farmer’s market, noticed the various vendors selling herbs and thought, “I could do that,” then this book will get you on your way. It offers lots of grower secrets and tips, such as, “Use 6-inch pots instead of 3 or 4-inch pots. Larger pots mean larger profits. Plus, a larger plant will have a heavier root system, which will produce healthy plans and happy customers.”

Once you’ve planted your herbs, what next? Growing Herbs For Profit will tell you. After your plants are all grown, how can you make the most money? I think you know the book that will tell you how: Growing Herbs For Profit.

Growing Herbs For Profit is the tell-all book for the eager herb grower needing a little more information to get started. Some of the features include:


  • Top 10 medicinal herbs
  • Top 10 culinary herbs
  • Herbal teas
  • How to promote your business
  • Herb growing tips
  • Value-added herb products

This informative book is well worth the read for anyone wanting to grow some green profits. It’s easy to read, and will give you the tools to get started in the herb growing business. If you’re ready for a new hobby or career and some healthy profits, growing fresh herbs could be just your own gardening success story. To learn more, read Growing Herbs for Profit.