Seven Ways to Profit With a Backyard Nursery

Growing Plants For Profit

Growing Plants For Profit

Growing plants for profit is a great way to turn your love of gardening into extra cash or a profitable career. Your backyard nursery can become the one-stop profit center that you’ve always dreamed of. Here are seven ways you can profit from growing landscaping plants:

1. Ground covers

Ground covers do just that – they’re flowers or plants that densely cover an area of ground. Ground covers help reduce erosion, control weeds and reduce the need for watering. Plus, they’re easy to grow and are big sellers. Popular ground covers include Hedera (ivy), Vinca and Hypericum (St John’s Wort).

2. Shrubs and trees

Growing shrubs and trees can bring you some large profits. Try Azaleas, flowering shrubs, rhododendrons, Japanese maples, firs and more. Find out what your local retail nursery is stocking, and those just might be the shrubs and trees you want to grow yourself. Or better yet, offer shrubs and trees, such as exotic or unusual varieties, that these retail nurseries don’t offer. If you’re the only place in town to get a certain type of shrub or tree, then you could see a lot of business coming your way.

3. Table-top Christmas trees

More and more people are living in apartments and condos and don’t have room for a full-sized Christmas tree. That’s why you could make some nice money growing table-top Christmas trees. Two varieties, in particular, are widely used: Elwood cedar and Italian stone pine.

4. Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses are called “ornamental” because of their special color or form. Landscapers love them because of how versatile they are. They can be used as specimen plants, ground covers, near ponds or streams and several other ways. For a first-time grower, they’re ideal, because few insects and diseases bother them, and you can start selling crops in just one season.

5. Bonsai

Bonsai is the popular Japanese method, which involves stunting trees and shrubs without altering the natural appearance. You can find bonsai plants in three types: starter plants, trained plants and specimen plants. Prices vary based on size, what type of bonsai and the overall appearance.

6. Hypertufa

Hypertufa is an artificial stone that’s quite simple to make. Mix three parts Portland cement, four parts peat and five parts perlite. Put the finished mix in a container along with a plant, and you’re on your way to a big seller. It’s a great way to sell a $3 plant for $20.

7. Trellised plants

You can add value to a plant by training it on a simple trellis, as opposed to a stake. How does making double the original amount sound? You can make a trellis by taking cedar fencing boards, ripping them into narrow strips and using an electric stapler or brad nailer. This is a good idea to do for bigger pot sizes, as a trellis can provide stability.

These are seven ways to profit from growing landscaping plants. Try some. See what works for you. Soon those big profits will be coming your way. To learn more, read How to Start a Profitable Backyard Plant Nursery.