Seven Ways to Profit Growing Medicinal Herbs

Lavender is a dependable money maker for any herb business

Lavender is a dependable money maker for any herb business

Medicinal herbs are steadily gaining popularity. As people adopt a more natural and healthy lifestyle, medicinal herbs are used more and more, and the demand for them is growing. Here are seven of the more popular medicinal herbs that could profitable plants for a herbal  business.


Calendula’s popularity dates back to King Henry VII of England who loved colored food. Calendula was used to season his meals. It also has many other benefits. In particular it is good for digestive health as well as for skin preparations. It can be made into a foot soak or bath herb. To get the most medicinal potency out of it, grow a variety with a high resin content, such as “Resina” found at Johnny’s Seeds, a popular online source for medicinal herbs. Calendula is one of the easiest medicinal herbs to grow.

2. Lavender

Lavender has so many uses it’s been called the “Swiss army knife” of herbs. In addition to the powerful fragrance (the essential oil in lavender is one of the top-ten most used in the fragrance industry), it has many medicinal values as well. These include women and children’s health, skin care, nervous system conditions, and pain relief.

3. Marsh mallow

This versatile herb is useful for coughs or bronchitis. It can also help the digestive tract and various skin conditions. Turn it into a marsh mallow tea and you have something tasty and healthy for cold and flu season.

4. Catnip

You’ve probably heard of this one. It’s primarily used as a stimulant on cats, but it can also be a soothing sedative for humans. It can also bring about pain and stress relief as well as helping with cold and flu symptoms. Something you might want to consider is making “cat-er-pillows.” It’s just like it sounds: a pillow filled with catnip. These popular items are very easy to put together. It’s simply a mini-pillow made from fabric scraps. You throw in dried catnip, sew it shut, and you’re done. These can be sold at street fairs, stores, church fundraisers, and more, and are proven sellers. If you’re growing for profit, be sure to include catnip in your plans.

5. Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena makes a delicious tea. It is used for digestive benefits as well as a calming and sleep aid. To get the most benefit, harvest the leaves right before you use them. In fact, lemon verbena is best propagated from softwood stem cuttings rather than from the seeds. Also, be sure to provide protection during the cold weather, as it is a tender plant.

6. St John’s wort

You’ve probably heard of this one and might even know someone who swears by it. In addition to its popular usage as a mood-altering herb, it can serve as skin treatment, provide immune support, and provide prevention during cold and flu season. Be sure to wait until it’s fully matured before harvest so you can get the maximum benefits of this popular herb.

7. Chamomile

Mmm, chamomile can make for a soothing tea. Like many other medicinal herbs, it has great digestive benefits. It can also be a calming and sleep aid. You’ll want to grow the German variety as this will produce harvestable flowers in just over two months. The best time to grow them is early in the season as it tends to bolt in the hot summer.

These are just some of the profitable medicinal herbs available. Grow and sell these favorites and you’ll be on your way to growing profits in the herbs business. To learn more about the business of medicinal herb growing. read Growing Herbs for Profit.