Starting a Backyard Plant Nursery in 6 Easy Steps

Backyard Plant Nursery

Backyard Plant Nursery

Growing plants for profit is a way to turn your backyard plant nursery into the business of your dreams. It shouldn’t be too difficult either. In fact, you can start a backyard plant nursery in six easy steps. Here’s how:

1. What type of nursery

What type of nursery would you like to have? There are two types: wholesale and retail. What you choose is dependent on where you live (do you live in a rural area? A wholesale nursery might be best, as it doesn’t depend on local retail customers) and what local ordinances might be. Some cities might not allow retail sales out of your backyard. Do some research and decide which one you’d like to have.

2. What’s the land and water like?

You need to find out what the land is like where you want to have your nursery. Are their pesticides in the ground or other toxic materials? Does it have good water drainage? Is your area prone to floods? You need to be sure the soil can support a nursery. You also need to make sure you have access to a good water supply, as your plants will need a lot of it.

3. Licenses and permits

You’ll most likely need licenses and permits for your backyard nursery business. You’ll need a business license. You also might need a resale license if you live in a state that has a sales tax. This requires you to collect sales tax, and also gets you an exemption certificate from purchasers who resell the items they buy from your business. And finally, some states require a permit to operate a plant nursery. As with all of these licenses and permits, talk to your state to find out their laws and regulations.

4. Pick the plants

Okay, the fun begins! Decide what plants you’d like to grow. Visit a local nursery or garden center, and see what they’re selling. What pot sizes are available? What do they have a particularly high amount of? What varieties are available? At first, it’s a good idea to begin with just a few plant starts before taking on too many varieties, sizes and types of flowers. Many growers find specializing in specific plants, ground covers, for example, can be a profitable way to start out.

5. Gather supplies

In addition to your plant starts, some basic tools and a water source, you’ll need four additional supplies. You’ll need a good soil mix (you can make you own or buy a pre-made mix), quality fertilizer (a slow-release fertilizer is the preferred method for most commercial growers), different-sized containers for whatever plants you want to grow and plant labels (you need to know which plants are in which containers).

6. Get planting!

Now you’re ready to begin planting your plants. It’s generally a good idea to begin planting once your land is thawed. Be sure to give the plants enough room to grow. Don’t plant them too close together. Keep the weeds under control. Check your plants often for any diseases or other problems. And most of all, have fun! You’re now in business.

In just six easy steps you can start a backyard plant nursery. Soon you can be growing plants for profit. To learn more, read How to Start a Profitable Backyard Plant Nursery.