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“Simply the best publications on the market for growing cash crops on small acreage. I teach classes about market gardening that use your book.”

Harvey H….North Carolina

“I made $30,000 on 1-1/2 acres last year growing fresh and dried flowers.”

Linda T…Oregon

“Excellent information – we used your guide to expand our fresh market vegetable and herb farm.”

Russell F…New York

“Your book is written in plain everyday language that’s easy to understand and follow. I use it as my reference for growing cash crops.”

Woody B…Florida

“You’ve done everything for the potential grower except weed the garden! I’ve wondered how to market, how to set prices, what to try, etc., and your book answers all my questions, and makes me feel that with a little hard work, we can do anything.”

Linda L… Texas

“Many books you send for in the mail are a big rip-off for the price. Your book is worth at least four times the price, not only for the valuable and helpful information it contains, but also for the resource material.

Joseph M… California

“Been in the business forty years. Have spent thousands of dollars on books. This tops them all!”

William S… Pennsylvania

“As a newcomer, I feel very fortunate I ran across your book. I have spent a small fortune trying to find the info you compiled in just one guide. Keep up the good work.”

Francine W… California

“I was impressed and thrilled with all the information, and I’ve been searching since I started my growing business a year ago” Your book has helped confirm that I have the potential to make a real living out of my first love….growing.”

Paige M… Wisconsin

“I got more ideas and information from your guide than I’ve taken from some of many expensive gardening books.”

Pauline M…British Columbia

“I am fifty years old and recently became a full-time market gardener, thanks in large part to your book!”

Ellen R… British Columbia

“Thank you so much for your help. I was afraid this might be a rip-off. Far from it. I was surprised by the surplus of information, and I’m excited about getting started with dried flowers. I have finally found something I can do and make it pay.”

Laura L… Arkansas

“Having spent hours browsing the web trying to piece together all the information on running a backyard bamboo business – your eBook delivers a clear roadmap to make it happen. What a great service!”

Karl Joseph … Tennessee